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Niki Studios in Pelion

Pelion. Pilio. Pelio. Pilion. Though there are many ways of spelling the name, they all relate to this unique and beautiful region in Greece
Myths and legends: Mt. Pilion, has been renowned for its beauty since antiquity. According to the legend, Pelion was the summer home of the Gods of Olympus and the land of the mythical Centaurs. It has been praised by Homer, Pindaros and Euripides, who sung of the heavenly wedding of Peleas and Thetis. The wise Centaur Chiron teacher and mentor to the demigods Achilles, Hercules, providing instruction in the proper care of the body and soul. Asklipios was taught medicine. It was also from Pilion that the legendary Argo set sail for the distant shores of the Black Sea carrying Jason and the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece.
Pilion today: Traces of Pilion's history are abundant, with ruins of ancient cities, mediaeval castles and old Christian basilicas. There are many examples of monasteries and churches to explore. Also, those unique twenty four mountain villages comprising wonderful living museum of culture, architecture and tradition, offer the most beautiful setting to visit. Art and culture are important to the locals and a variety of performances and exhibitions are accessible around the region throughout the summer months.

Pilion , the destination for all seasons:
Unique for it’s endless variety of mountain scenery and the irresistible coastal line, so magnificent together , embracing each other in an endless love affair!!!!!!
Maintaining it’s magical influence to the visitor, still densely forested and remarkably green. Pilion offers unique excitement and traditional hospitality year round. It extends into the Aegean, forming a hook-shaped peninsula. The western part encloses the Pagasetic Gulf, where it slopes gently into the calm sea, whilst the eastern part opens onto the Aegean Sea, forming rocky slopes plunging straight into the deep sea.
The Gulf scenery from sea level up to about 1,000 m (3,280 ft), is cultivated predominantly with olive trees. Apple, cherry, peach, apricot, and fig orchards or vineyards disrupt the continuity of the century-old olive groves. The coastline is forming sandy, beautiful beaches, half-hidden between the trees. Some are accessible only by boat. Tiny, peaceful villages, along the shores, add further color to this blessed scenery.

By contrast, the landscape on the Aegean side is rough and wild. The villages are built in higher parts of the slopes where few meters beneath the deep sea strikes the coastline with powerfull waves .Nature has created few safe anchorages on this side of the mountain and some mile-long beaches consisted mainly by coarse-grained sand,that are exceptionally beautiful.
The northern end of the peninsula is dominated by the main bulk of Mt. Pelion, just over 1,600 m (5,250 ft) , covered with dense forests of oak and chestnut. The numerous well-beaten dirt or cobbled paths, called "kalderimia", that transverse the entire range, provide excellent hiking opportunities. These paths are offering a great experience to the visitor revealing the mystique beauty and the total peace that is absolutely meditating in an environment that’s so near to God…

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